Our Process

Owners and Property Managers find solace in the one stop shop that is Atlas.


We're not a construction contractor, an engineering firm, or a law firm. We're your personal project managers. We advise you on and oversee each step of the earthquake retrofit process. We take the stress of dealing with contractors, evaluating the work of engineers, complying with government standards, and managing tenants off your shoulders so that you can focus on what's important to you.

Our process is broken down into three main phases. In phase one, we meet with clients and assess needs and explore possible solutions. In phase two, we begin making concrete plans. These include engineering plans as well as accomodations for tenants. In the final phase, we execute on the plans made so far and finish up the job.

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Phase One

Exploration & Research
  • Consulting
  • Financing

01 Consulting

Before you begin your project, meet with our team to ask questions, receive resources, and understand more about our unique process. We’ll conduct a site visit for no cost to you, and provide you with your project specific information that will ensure your job’s success.

02 Financing

Don’t let the cost of a retrofit hold back, you have plenty of options! Whether with one of our flexible plans, state/national programs, or through any of our verified partners, together we’ll determine the plan best suited to your needs.

Phase Two

Planning & Preparation
  • Engineering
  • Permits and Administrative Assistance
  • Tentant Habitability Plan (T.H.P.)

03 Engineering

Focused on safety, cost efficiency and time, our unmatched experience will ensure your plans are tailored to your building’s unique specifications.

04 Permits and Administrative Assistance

Remove yourself from unnecessary liability, secure your cost recovery eligibility, and pass inspections the first time. allow our process knowledge to protect your interests and complete your project the right way.

05 Tentant Habitability Plan (T.H.P.)

The Tenant Habitability Plan is an essential part of every seismic retrofit. We’ll work with the owner, tenants, and city to create the best plan for everyone. From plan creation, all the way to personal delivery, Atlas will handle your T.H.P.

Phase Three

Execution & Clean-up
  • Construction
  • Tenant Management
  • Cost Recuperation

06 Construction

Our construction method is simple, with a priority on minimally disrupting tenants, maintaining timeframe, and sticking to budget. You’ll be receiving the best work at the best prices.

07 Tenant Management

From project start to finish, a dedicated team will be available to your building and its residents. Whether over the phone or in person, we are available 24/7.

08 Cost Recuperation

While construction may be complete, our job is not done. Atlas will handle your cost recovery program, recovering up to 100%* of the cost of the cost of your project.

09 Project Complete

Clearly Atlas Retrofit is the way to go. C'mon, what have you got to lose? Your buildings will fall down if you don't do this and it'll be a pain if you do it on your own or with another company.